Dryad Global's cyber security partners, Wapack Labs, provide a weekly list of Motor Vessels that are being impersonated, with associated malicious emails.

With perfect information there would be certainty of outcome. Risks would be known and your decisions would be straightforward.

BUT we all have to work with imperfect information and need to make calculated assessments to guide our security and commercial decisions. 

In a fast-moving security and information environment it is essential to have a proven, consistent and resourced process to inform your decision-making. The information has to be timely, expertly analysed and presented in a way that clarifies, not mystifies, your options. 

The optimum operating space for your business is at your acceptable risk line; this is where companies thrive, and put them ahead of the competition. This is why we work with our customers to define their acceptable risk in order to drive the information requirement and recommendations. 


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