Web Site Maintenance

The Pacific Fusion Centre portal will be undergoing maintenance this weekend from the 8th-9th August. The portal will be unavailable during this time.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spotlight

The Pacific Fusion Centre has collated a range of reliable resources for monitoring, understanding and responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the region. We will continue to update the page as the situation changes and more information is available.

Pacific Fusion Centre

The Pacific Fusion Centre aggregates, analyses and disseminates information from multiple sources to equip Pacific decision makers with assessments, to better identify and respond to the broad scope of regional security threats identified in the Boe Declaration.

Our Role

Strategic Assessments

We fuse open source and authorised unclassified information into strategic assessments relevant to Boe Declaration priorities

Domain Awareness

We provide self-service domain awareness through media monitoring and an unclassified geospatial portal

Capacity Building

We support development of national and regional analytical capacity and security coordination

Information Sharing

We support relevant national and regional agencies to work across silos and share information

Our Focus

Enhancing decision-making related to Boe Declaration Security Issues

Transnational Crime

Cross-border criminal activity affecting the security and wellbeing of Pacific people.

Climate Security

Climate-related change amplifies existing risks in society that endangers the security of the Pacific people, ecosystems, economy, infrastructure and societies.

Human Security

Protect the rights, health and prosperity of Pacific people. Building resilience to disasters and climate change.

Cyber Security

Maximise protections and opportunities for Pacific infrastructure and peoples in the digital age.

Environmental & Resource Security

Sustainability and natural resource protection, including fisheries, farming and mineral resources.