Who We Are

Who We Are

The Pacific Fusion Centre is a regional organisation embedded within the Pacific regional security architecture. The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Forum Officials Committee (FOC) endorsed the Pacific Fusion Centre Charter on 23 July 2021. We are also aligned with PIF security architecture though the FOC Subcommittee on Regional Security (FSRS). This architecture guides our priorities and ensures we achieve results for the Forum Membership in informing Pacific regional security decision-making.




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Director: James Movick

The Centre is led by a Pacific Island Director, who is accountable to FSRS. The Director is responsible for the strategic vision, policy direction and functions of the Pacific Fusion Centre, in accordance with FSRS guidance.

Our inaugural Director, James Movick, from the Federated States of Micronesia, was appointed to the role in December 2021.

Mr Movick brings to the Centre a wealth of experience from a long and varied career in diplomacy, fisheries and trade policy, and development, along with extensive regional cooperation and advocacy, and organisational and leadership experience. He served as Director-General of the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) from 2012 – 2018, and as Deputy Director-General 2010- 2012. For many years, he has been heavily engaged in efforts to expand information sharing and to progress regional maritime security coordination, including for the initial consideration and organisation of the Pacific Fusion Centre.

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Assistant Director: Viliame Bovoro

The Assistant Director works closely with the Director to embed the Pacific Fusion Centre’s reputation for excellence and collaboration, building effective working partnerships across the Pacific security community, including with all national security agencies in Pacific Island Countries and relevant regional organisations.

Mr Bovoro is from Fiji and joined the Centre in October 2023. He brings to the Centre many years of experience working nationally and regionally with Pacific regional agencies, including senior roles at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and with the Fiji Government.



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Special Advisor: Alison George

The Special Adviser works under the Director’s oversight and is responsible for financial and administrative oversight of funds provided by the Australian Government. The Special Adviser also provides strategic support for the Director and Associate Director to achieve the goals of the Centre.

Ms George is seconded from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and she joined the Centre in November 2021. With more than 15 years working in the Pacific, Ms George brings to the Centre extensive experience in Pacific-led development programs, project management, law and governance, security, foreign policy and monitoring and evaluation.




The Pacific Fusion Centre welcomes Forum Member officials to the Pacific Fusion Centre as part of our Pacific Analyst Program. This 5-month secondment program offers practical and on-the-job training on Boe Declaration security priorities, structured analytic techniques and analytic production, and professional skillsets. Analysts produce a range of assessments on behalf of the Centre throughout their secondment. Analysts work under the direction of the Pacific Fusion Centre Technical Advisor. To date, the Centre has welcomed 35 seconded analysts from 14 Forum Member countries.


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The Pacific Fusion Centre also welcomes Forum Member officials to become Virtual Analysts. Virtual Analysts are experienced analysts and work remotely under the direction of the Technical Advisor. The Centre has hosted a number of Virtual Analysts from Forum Member countries.



We recognise that our alumni are highly talented Pacific security professionals empowered to shape decision-making on the security space around them. Our alumni play an important role in preserving Pacific regional security. Participation in the Alumni Engagement Program maintains networks between the Centre and our alumni. Alumni receive ongoing access to analytic resources and events tailored to the Pacific security community.