What We Do

What We Do

The Pacific Fusion Centre delivers training and strategic analysis against priorities identified by Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders in the 2018 Boe Declaration on Regional Security. Extensive consultation has shaped our operating structure and strategic priorities. The PIF Forum Officials Committee (FOC) endorsed the Pacific Fusion Centre Charter on 23 July 2021. Our purpose-built office is in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

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The Pacific Fusion Centre is an Australian government funded initiative developed in close collaboration with Pacific countries and organisations.  All Beneficiaries contribute to outcomes achieved by the Centre, and we acknowledge the significant capability contribution of beneficiaries who send analysts and provide technical and expert input and feedback for Pacific Fusion Centre products. This support from all Beneficiaries is critical to the quality and utility of our work, and ultimately to the success of the Centre, which is a resource for all beneficiaries.

What we deliver

The Pacific Fusion Centre offers practical training to Pacific security officials and produces strategic assessments that assist Pacific decision-makers respond to regional security challenges. What we deliver includes:

  • Hosting secondees from across PIF member states and providing training, mentoring, and regional engagement opportunities that enhance analytic and thematic skillsets.
  • Conducting research across a variety of open source and authorised unclassified materials to develop strategic insights relevant to Boe Declaration priorities.
  • Producing a suite of routine strategic assessments that support Pacific security decision-making as well as bespoke strategic assessments on request by PIF members.
  • Providing a range of domain awareness resources to build situational awareness across the Pacific, including media monitoring and an unclassified geospatial portal.
  • Engaging with Pacific Islands and regional organisations to develop shared and aligned efforts on Boe Declaration security priorities to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Fostering a culture of regional information sharing in line with the Principles of Regional Information Sharing agreed at the Regional Security Information Sharing Workshop (Honiara, April 2018).

Who we support

We deliver outcomes to targeted beneficiaries within the Pacific region. Our beneficiaries are PIF Members and the following regional organisations identified in our Charter:

  • Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
  • Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
  • The Pacific Community
  • Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency
  • Pacific Immigration Development Community
  • Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (including the Pacific Transnational Crime Network)
  • Oceania Customs Organisation
  • Pacific Islands Law Officers Network
  • Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering
  • Pacific Cyber Security Operational Network
  • Pacific Tourism Organisation 
  • Pacific Aviation Safety Office

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